Getting involved on campus: Glendon Model United Nations

I was never really involved in anything in high school. I was on Prom Committee for a week and then quit because I hated being at school longer than I needed to be. At Glendon, it’s definitely different. I think a large part of that is because I live on residence. When Glendon becomes your home, you don’t need to think about “going home” afterwards. As long as you stay on top of your readings and assignments, you should take advantage of all of the clubs and extra-curricular activities Glendon offers!


The first club that I became a part of was Glendon Model United Nations or as we call it, GMUN. It’s one of the largest and most active clubs on campus. The purpose of the club is to¬†learn about the United Nations and its network of agencies, civil society organizations, and non-governmental organizations, as well as their history and the impact they have on the world through research, debate, and conferences. In first year, I had big ideas of being involved with the UN (not so much anymore) which is what led me to go to their first meeting. It was held in the Senate Chamber which is a round-table room that nobody really knows existed. I wasn’t very good at public speaking and most of the time when I went to the meetings, I didn’t know what was going on but I continued to go because I really loved being part of the team.

(Disclaimer: There was an episode of Parks and Rec based on Model UN so prepare yourselves for a whole lotta P&R gifs)

So, what does GMUN do? Well, every week we meet to participate in mock simulations whether they be general assemblies,particular committees or crises. The first few months of GMUN are geared towards training the members on how Model UN works and how to participate in conferences. This is all in preparation for the big conference that we go to in January hosted by McGill university called McMun. It’s worth all of the work – McMun has always been a highlight of my year.

In my second year of being a part of the GMUN team, I ran for Vice President of Public Relations. For somebody who was uninterested in clubs in high school, to continue to be a part of the team for a second year and to run for an executive position was a big step. In my third year, I was elected Vice President of GMUN alongside my best friend Emily who is President of the club. That’s another thing; being part of a club allows you to meet new friends. Many of the friends that I have made through GMUN are people that I would never have met if it wasn’t for being part of the club.

Being involved on campus can really take your university experience to a new level. Not only do you gain experience to add to your resume, but you gain friends and (I know this is cheesy) memories. In the first month of school, there will be a clubs day hosted so that new students and current students can learn more about what clubs are available on campus.

Are you involved in any clubs currently? Are there any clubs you would be interested in joining at Glendon? Comment and let me know!

I post every Thursday, see you then!


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