The 411 with Becks and Michelle: First Show of the Year!

Ahhhhh! Last night was something I have been waiting for since I moved back to Glendon – our first show of the year on Radio Glendon!

I have a radio show with my friend Michelle every Wednesday night at 6:30pm that runs for about an hour. Our show is called The 411 with Becks and Michelle and we’re really interested in talking about current events and anything that has come up in the week that we think listeners would like to listen to us ramble on about! We try to be informative but also witty and opinionated (and a little sassy).

In my third year, I became interested in Radio Glendon when I listened in to a previous host’s show and asked her if I could co-host one night. I loved it so much that when I was able to, I requested that I have my own show. I knew that I didn’t want to do it alone so I asked one of my best friends Michelle (a fellow eAmbassador) if she wanted to tag along with me. She has a post about it too!

Our show last year was called Girl Code and we tried to follow the same sort of layout as the show on MTV (…Super original, I know). But, we soon found out that keeping within such a strict structure wasn’t something we were into. We found that our best content came from the times that we went with the flow and let the conversation evolve naturally. When our show ended in April, we decided that we wanted to switch things up going into our second year of being Radio Glendon DJ’s. We changed our name and although we do make notes on what we want to talk about, we really try to go into every show without a “script”.

This week we talked about the internet reaction on Ebola, Amanda Bynes’ behaviour on Twitter, the 4chan celebrity nudes leak scandal/sex crime, and the struggles with Tim’s orders.

If you’d be interested in listening in, you can tune in every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. Be sure to tweet us if you’re listening!




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