All I Want for Christmas is…to go home for the Holidays

Hey friends! I’d like to start off this week’s post by saying how grool (yes, Mean Girls reference) it was that I was in my Transnational Crime and Corruption class yesterday and Professor Gutterman came by during our small discussion groups and told me that she had seen and read my blog!

Jennifer Lawrence animated gif

I’ve had Professor Gutterman three times during my four years here at Glendon – Introduction to International Relations in First Year, International Relations through Film and Literature in Third Year, and Transnational Crime and Corruption this semester. It was our final class and, consequently, my last class with Professor Gutterman at Glendon so it was a really nice way to finish off the semester.

It’s that time of the year again. Final exams, final papers, take home exams. It’s always a bit horrifying when I plan out the weeks leading up to when, at least for me, I can pack up and go home for the holidays. Every year, my pattern of going home during the school year have varied.

In first year, I went home every weekend because I was still employed at my part-time job in Brampton. Second and third year were spent differently and I found myself going home for the most part but staying back at Glendon when my work load piled up.

This year, I decided that I focused best when I stayed at Glendon. It’s my fourth year so I want to doreally well in my classes and concentration is key to staying on track with readings and assignments. So, I’ve been home about three times and the last time was early November. Needless to say, sometimes I find myself really missing being at home.

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Living on residence was a really great decision for me. Despite being from Brampton, living at Glendon cuts out the time I would spent commuting back and forth so I can use that time to do my readings, work on assignments, watch Bad Girls Club… but no, seriously.

But as it’s coming up to Christmas time, I find myself complaining that I just want to be home. It might be that the holidays are such a homely time for me or it could be that I want to escape the work load coming up in the next few weeks. I mean, just look at my dog and tell me that you wouldn’t want to snuggle with her instead of studying…

I don’t really have “tips” per se for dealing with missing home. I’ve often found myself texting my mom asking her to send me pictures of our two cats and dogs (again, no seriously). Keeping in contact with family and friends back home via text also helps – I just need to remember to text them back because I ALWAYS forget, whoops.

I’ve got about 2 weeks or so until I’m done exams and I can finally go home to relax. I’m mostly excited to just snuggle with (but I feel like she would say ‘snuggle on’) my not-so puppy Keira and drink endless amounts of tea – surprisingly as a English person, I don’t drink tea at school! So I haven’t had tea in amount a month or so!

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Well, today marks the beginning of the 6 days I have to complete a take-home exam and then another 6 days to study for my final exam for sociology. I’ll probably just be a coffee machine for the next few weeks so my tweets might not make a lot of sense but you can still tweet me with any of your questions! Tweet me here @beckielhgl!

See you next time!







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