Fall semester is over….sorry, what?

Hey friends! I can’t believe that as of tomorrow, my fall semester will be completed and over with. It’s my last fall semester of my undergrad – what?!

By far, my favourite class of this semester was my Transnational Crime and Corruption class. It was with Professor Gutterman whom I’ve had three classes with over my four years of undergrad. It was a little bit intimidating in the beginning as the class is a fourth year (4000 level) seminar-based class which means LOTS of discussion but I survived!

We looked at topics like human trafficking, terrorism, drug trafficking, transnational bribery, money laundering, and lots more. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Professor Gutterman, do it! She’s an incredible and inspiring professor who I’ve always enjoyed having classes with.

I also had my last Keele class of my undergrad. I’ve taken 3 classes at Keele as part of my Refugee and Migration studies certificate. This class was called “Migration, Citizenship and Identity” and it was a 3 credit course which means it runs for half a year.

Professor Molavi was really interesting to listen to because she was personally invested and extremely knowledgeable on the case studies we looked at. The case studies were when I became really engaged with the course matter as we looked at the Second Iraq War, the G20 summit, the Occupy Movement, the Twitter and Facebook revolutions in Iran and Egypt, and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

My other classes are 6 credit so they’ll carry over into next semester. But, I’ll be taking a few more 3 credit classes such as Public Law II which is a class that looks at the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Public Administration. Also, I’m taking a class called Global Civil Society and International Economic Organizations. We shall see how these two go!

You can always tweet me @beckielhgl and if you haven’t already, there is a Facebook group called #GL2019, class de 2019 that is available for all Glendonites planning to join us in September 2015.


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