Working on campus

Hey friends!

On to today’s topic: I have been extremely lucky in that I have been employed on campus for the past three years. I work as a Night Porter in residence which means my commute takes exactly…45 seconds at most?

I applied to be a Night Porter at the end of my first year (that’s when the forms are available) and started working the following September. Being a Night Porter entails that you are responsible for making sure resident’s guests are signed in and that you are available to rent out equipment to residents such as video games, movies, DVD players, irons, etc. You’re looking out for residents’ safety and, at the same time, being a resource for resident’s needs.

The best part about being a Night Porter is that it relieved me of having to go home every weekend in my first year to work at my part-time job in Brampton. I was able to stay at Glendon over the weekend which gave me more time to do readings and finish assignments. And of course, it allowed me to earn money to be able to go out with friends and feed my online shopping addiction.

You also work with fellow students (who are also residents) and you’re always in contact with residents so it’s a way to connect with more Glendonites. In addition, you can include it on bursary and grant forms that you have worked on campus to show how involved you have been on campus and with the school to help pay for school.

I would highly recommend applying to work on campus if you’re planning to be in residence in your second year. If you have any questions, please tweet me @beckielhgl or comment down below.

See you next week!


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